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Downturn Reveals Resilience of Alternative Risk Premia

Defensive Equities and Market Downturns

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - August 2022

Returns plus Resilience? A Closer Look at Leveraged Finance

Portfolio Protection and Overlays: Time for a Rethink?

Entering Leveraged Loans? Three Implementation Questions to Answer

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - May 2022

Investor Spotlight: How AP1 is Driving Innovation in Manager Selection

Snap Poll: What are investors thinking now?

Asian Credit: Sector in Brief

One Year On, Have Sustainability Disclosure Regulations Brought Clarity or Confusion?

Will Your Infrastructure Investments Withstand Inflation? The 700 Billion Dollar Question

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - February 2022

Ukraine Impact: Are Active Managers Providing Protection in Emerging Market Debt?

New Perspectives on Asian Private Markets

Over the past decade, private markets in Asia Pacific have gradually achieved performance parity with those in Europe and North America, fuelling speculation amongst asset owners that these markets hold the potential for even greater upside as the world’s centre of gravity—as measured by global growth, population and prosperity—shifts to the East.

Impact in Private Equity - Sector in Brief

‘Impact’ private equity investing has become a distinct sub-sector, with a rapidly-increasing universe of dedicated funds and a stream of new managers entering the space. This brief review introduces today’s strategies, funds and investment challenges.

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - November ...

bfinance’s quarterly report in November 2021: read the team’s latest insights on institutional investor activity, risk appetite, market developments and asset manager performance across all major asset classes.

Reaching for Returns in Real Estate Debt

Amid the seemingly never-ending ‘hunt for yield’, high return real estate debt strategies are attracting investors’ attention.

Re-evaluating the Case for Listed Infrastructure

As the global economy emerges from the shadow of COVID-19 and inflation figures continue to rise, investors are reappraising the claims made in favour of listed infrastructure, including inflation sensitivity, resilience amid downturns and - amid high valuations for private assets - potential discounts versus illiquid infrastructure.

Wealth Manager Investment Survey

A new study, featuring data from 120 wealth managers around the globe, identifies significant changes in investment capabilities, ESG integration and strategy.

How to Build a Hedge Fund Allocation

Hedge fund portfolio construction has changed. This brief paper outlines key considerations for developing ‘liquid alternatives’ portfolios.

Redefining Value: Managers under Scrutiny

Strong returns for the value style are putting value equity managers at the forefront of investors’ minds. This paper examines a sector reshaped by a decade of underperformance.

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